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Right now I am posting once a week about my experiences in my doctoral courses.

April 6, 2015: 45th Week PhD: Motivation

March 2, 2015: 40th Week PhD: Spring Bed & Break(fast)

February 16, 2015: 38th Week PhD: Theory Weary

January 19, 2015: What Week Is This Anyway? Phd, Human Learning, Stats, and Grammar Lab

November 24, 2014: 24th Week PhD: It’s Up for Debate

November 17, 2014: 22nd and 23rd Week PhD: Manuscript and Retreat

November 2, 2014: 21st Week PhD: Worldview, Manuscript, and Joseph

October 26, 2014: 20th Week PhD: Tishomingo!

October 13, 2014: 18th and 19th Week PhD: Naturalism and Respite

October 5, 2014: 17th Week PhD: Nationalism or Moral Relativism

September 28, 2014: 16th Week PhD: Individualism and Consumerism

September 20, 2014: 15th Week PhD: Life Happens

September 11, 2014: 14th Week PhD: Doctrine of Vocation

September 4, 2014: 13th Week PhD: The Dissertation Transformation

August 28: 12th Week PhD: Stories and Shalom

August 20: Eleventh Week PhD: Advanced Study and Research

August 13: Tenth Week PhD: Respite

August 5: Ninth Week PhD: Been There, Done That

July 31: Eighth Week PhD: A Moral Argument

July 24: Seventh Week PhD: Null Curriculum & Intelligence

July 18: Sixth Week PhD: I Love Deadlines…

July 9: Fifth Week PhD: I Survived My First Residency

July 2: Fourth Week PhD: Virkler and Vegas

June 25, Third Week PhD: To Everyone an Answer

June 18: Second Week PhD: Creeds and Foundations

June, 11: First Week: PhD

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