Ninth Week PhD: Been There, Done That

This Monday, my final paper was due for my first doctoral class. Christian Worldview for Educators was a great first doctoral course as there was the appropriate amount of APA style, assignments, readings, and discussions. This course was a good introduction to the doctoral mindset. I had never given much thought to the Christian worldview as a way to relate to my profession. As someone who works in Christian higher education, a  Christian worldview is important since it is the reason Christian higher education exists and why I have chosen to work in its environment.

Another lesson this class has taught me is time management. Having one course in the summer has been a challenge, but having two courses this fall will be even more challenging. Without a set schedule for dealing with two courses at once, I will surely get behind and will probably not be able to catch up.

So, now that this course is over, I will rest a little, read for pleasure a little, and read ahead a little for the start of a new semester.

Blessings to you and yours.


About Melissa D Atkinson

Online Learning Library at ACU Brown Library. Librarian for 20+ years at ACU. Ph.D. in 2019 (Concentration - Distance Education/Ed Tech/Online Learning).

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