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40th Week PhD: Spring Bed & Break(fast)

In a week and three days, my husband and I will be celebrating spring break by going to a Miranda Lambert concert and then going to the B&B she owns in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, again. We decided to go back because we really liked it there and wanted to see some things we didn’t get to last time we were there. Also, the breakfast is amazing and the service is first rate. We hope that there will be a band playing at the Platinum ballroom while we are there, since it wasn’t opened for bands last time we were there.

Spring break means no homework for a week and no reading of textbooks. I will be reading “Wild Rover No More” by L.A. Meyer as I need to review it for a publication in a couple of weeks. That just means I get to read a young adult fiction novel. Yippee! And, this is the last book in the Bloody Jack series, so all of the burning questions should be answered, right?

Before spring break can begin, I need to turn in my statistics assignment due this Sunday. There are vocabulary terms to learn, hypothesis tests to execute, results to interpret, graphs to label, and APA style to conquer. No biggie. In the meantime, our professor I mentioned in the last post still has not been in contact with her students, except through personal e-mail. This brings autonomous learning to a whole new level. Our second group assignment was due today, and we still have not received a grade or feedback on our last assignment.

It’s the 40th week of this journey my friends, and it will only get more exciting and challenging as the weeks go by.

Blessings to you and yours.

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