My Favorite Blogs

These are a few of my favorite blogs, by category, because that’s how I roll.

Higher Education:

Wired Campus: The latest on high tech and education @wiredcampus

Next: Jeff Selingo rethinks higher ed @jselingo


The Ubiquitous Librarian: In the pursuit of user-sensitive librarianship @brianmathews

The Lipstick Librarian: She’s Bold! She’s Sassy! She’s Helpful! @lipsticklibby

ACRLog: Blogging by and for academic research librarians #acrlog


Adventures in Creation: Random hobbies and adventures from author Sara Jiang. Check out her book Siren’s Curse (in paperback or on Kindle)! @jiang_sara

A Year of Slow Cooking: Stephanie O’Dea posts delicious recipes, all from a slow cooker. Yum. She’s funny and creative! @stephanieodea


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