Eighth Week PhD: A Moral Argument

One of our readings this week was from our Beckwith, Craig, and Moreland textbook, “To everyone an answer: A case for the Christian worldview.” Our discussion question asked us to choose one of the arguments we had to read and decide which one best argued for the existence of God. One chapter called, “A moral argument” by Copan, struck me as the most valid and convincing argument for God’s existence. The moral argument proposes that since morality exists, then God exists. This is a very brief summary of the argument. There are some that would argue that morality (knowing the difference between right and wrong) can exist without God.

I read a portion of a book by Zuckerman that explained how the societies in Sweden and Denmark are existing peacefully and in little chaos without a strong following of Godly principles. There are probably many other societies existing with the same principles. Morality is something God gave all human beings knowledge of as explained in Romans 2:14-16 in which the Gentiles have the law “written on their hearts,” obeying God’s law even though they did not know the law. Whether you believe in God or not, he exists and he has given everyone an inner moral compass.  Even if a society exists with peace and abiding citizens, eventually, without acknowledgement of God, the society will fall.

The difference between morals with God and morals without God is the motivation of our actions—faith. In relation to faith and actions, James 1:19 says, “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder” (New International Version). While morality (knowing the difference between good and evil) is a human nature, I believe that without God morals have no purpose and no meaning.

Blessings to you and yours.

Copan, P. (2004). A moral argument. In F. Beckwith, W. Craig, & J. Moreland (Eds.), To everyone an answer: A case for the Christian worldview (pp. 108-123). Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic.

Zuckerman, P. (2008). Society without God: What the least religious nations can tell us about contentment. New York: New York University Press.


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