Fifth Week PhD: I Survived My First Residency

I am moving right along after my fifth week in  my first course of my doctoral program. Starting on Monday this week was my first of three residencies at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va. It is a beautiful campus about 20 minutes from the beach. I didn’t get to go to the beach this time, but I did meet my current professor face-to-face (Hi Dr. Finn!), and I met many of the professors I will have in the future. I met many of my classmates with whom I have been talking online. On the first day we met in our individual cognate groups–mine was composed of three different cognates–Distance Education, Higher Education, and Higher Education Leadership Management. We were divided into groups and were tasked with researching a topic and presenting on that topic this morning (Thursday). All of my group happened to be from the Distance Education cognate–Fred, Julie, and Jose. We chose the topic, “Faculty and Digital Media Literacy: Tools, Challenges, Barriers, and Solutions.” My first presentation as a doctoral student went smoothly with help from my wonderful classmates!

During the week, we received encouragement and truth about what it will take to successfully complete this program–time. I met some second year and third year residency students who were also encouraging and honest about what it takes to get through this program. After this week, I know I am supposed to be here. I know what it will take. I am prepared. I can do it!



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Online Learning Library at ACU Brown Library. Librarian for 20+ years at ACU. Ph.D. in 2019 (Concentration - Distance Education/Ed Tech/Online Learning).

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