Just Maui'd

Just Maui’d

This is where you will find interesting facts about me and maybe one day I’ll post my curriculum vitae here.

I was married almost five years ago to my wonderful husband in Maui. We have been to Maui twice since then. It’s a wonderful island!

I have a bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University in mathematics (secondary education). I taught 6th grade math for 2.5 years in public school.

One summer I had a job as “mother nature” at a local day camp in upstate New York. I talked to kids about nature and led them on hikes.

I also have a Master’s of Science degree in Library Science.

I love origami. One of my projects in library school was to organize websites, so I chose to organize origami websites. At the time, in 1999, there were a bunch!

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